L-10: Language and Linguistics-I (IDC)



0.      General awareness about Language and Linguistics: How linguistics helps understand language better; language as a system of communication; design features of language; language faculty; Saussurian dichotomies.


1.      Sounds and language: Distinctive and non-distinctive sounds; phonetics of consonants and vowels; phoneme, allophone, phone; concept of syllable; sound change in language use.


2.      Words and language: word and word forms; simple, compound and complex words; morpheme, allomorph, morph; affixation; noun and verb inflection and derivation; word formation processes.


3.      Sentence structure and language: simple and complex sentences; PS rules; constituent formation; case grammar; thematic roles.


4.      Meaning and language: Context, meaning and language: meaning relations; word, sentence and utterance meanings; logical form; pragmatics.


5.      Language and Society: Speech-community; language and dialect; bilingualism and multilingualism; pidgin and creole; language standardization; language and power 


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