I come from a very small town in Jharkhand named Deoghar. It is a compound word that consists of 'dev', 'God' and 'ghar','house'. In other words, its a homeland of Gods. The name is given so because it is one of the famous religious places in North India.

My father Shri Daso Das works in State Bank of India as a Branch Manager. He is a man of principle and is called among his colleagues as a 'loh purush', 'man of iron-will' a title with which Sardar Ballavbai Patel, a famous Indian freedom fighter, was crowned with. I along with my whole family members are proud of him because he has literally shaped our lives by sacrificing all his wishes and desires of material world. For example, we haven't ever been able to motivate him to wear a shirt that could cost three or four hundred rupees or have never been able to persuade him to buy a pair of good Bata  shoes. This, however, does not mean that he is miser because he happily supports anyone's honest or earnest need. He provided us with every facility that we could think of, provided, they were/are justifiable.

My mother Mrs. Rani Devi is a straight and honest person who believes in using her own brains! She is a natural leader and great home-maker. These qualities convincingly prove the essence of the proverb, 'behind the success of every man, there must be a woman'. We, the young generation in our family, owe her our lives for the values and teachings and the habits that she imparted in us during our childhood. I, in particular, was very critical of her for the household work that she would ask me to do in my early childhood, but I, now, understand the value of those teachings and habits.

We are four brothers. I am the eldest amongst my brothers. My immediate younger brother Anil Kumar Das, an MTech from IIT, Delhi, is a software engineer. Next  is Mr. Sunil Kumar Das. A very responsible and mature young boy for his age. He is a Civil engineer who has earned his Diploma from Polytechnic College, Dumka, Jharkhand. He is working as an Assistant Engineer in the Secretariat, Jharkhand Government. The youngest one, Mr. Kanhaiya Prasad, has done his MBA, after finishing his BBA, from BIT, Mesra, Ranchi and is now working as the PO in Indian Overseas Bank. We all brothers are like four pillars of my father's world.. 

I met Jayanthi ( now my wife ) when I was teaching undergraduate classes at Jawaharlal Nehru University. She was doing her B.A. (IInd year) in German Language in CGS, SLL&CS, JNU at that time (i.e. 1997). She is trying to finalize her PhD topic in order to register for it in the Department of Romance and Germanic Studies, University of Delhi. We have a daughter, Anandita who studies in class 7-C in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.  She is papa's darling, but despite my showering of love and affection, it is mama that matters the most for her : (

My parents-in-law are settled down in Tamil Nadu. My father-in-law retired from TNEB as an Assistant Executive Engineer. They have built a very lovely house in Meena Estates Coimbatore. My brothers-in-law, Gopinath & Raghunath  are Software Engineer, WIPRO and Business Entrepreneur  respectively. Raghunath's wife ( my wife's bhabhi) Nisha works with SONY, California as a Software Engineer.