Research Methodology

It is my humble submission to my students and to everyone who comes across the page that please do not treat me as an expert in the area just because I have uploaded these slides on my website. It is only after taking an active part in teaching various courses for about twelve years (more than 10 courses in 12 years), I have decided to teach one of the components of the course called Research Methodology in the Department. And I must admit it here that it was not an easy task for me to be the first one to begin the course.

If I do a good job, I would like to give full credit first to my students who found me worth listening during my presentation in the class, and second to my mentors (all of them) who taught me that I should just put myself in difficult situation and after having fought and won the adversity, I should try to come out with a smiley face. I pay my gratitude to them by telling that I have always done what they taught me.

I have used various kinds of papers and text-books in preparing the teaching materials, and unfortunately the detailed explanation and discussion of many issues that I offered in the class have not yet come to be the part of the hand-outs here. One of the reasons for this is that I am teaching the paper for the first time. So, it is a promise to my future students that these hand-outs will become better and better in times to come. I must mention this here that I was bit reluctant to upload this on my home-page, but it was the incessant demand from the students that I have up-loaded the page on my site. All errors (whichever you spot here) are mine and no writer or researcher should be held responsible for them. I will be more than glad to change, update and rectify the problems if you send them through mails. Thank you all.