I have been thinking for quite some time that there will be an occasion when I will put myself to teach the course 'Phonology' in the Department. Prof. Gargesh and Dr. Gail both are on leave and this is one of the foundational courses that has to begin with other introductory courses for the Masters in the Department, and thus I got the chance to teach some parts of the course.

The main reason for offering this course is to re-learn some of the basic fundamentals in this sub-fields of linguistics. I have just taught Historical linguistics in the last semester and by teaching Phonology this semester, I would be able to make myself more equipped to carry out some research work in these two interrelated sub-disciplines of linguistics.

I promise to the M.A. Prev. students that I would keep the course materials as simple as they should be for an introductory course in linguistics. I would also allow them to participate in the course maximally, so that they not only enjoy learning the course together (of course with me :), but also learn the difficult concepts of 'phonology' in THE simplest manner.