Dr. N. K.Thakur is the only teacher whom I had during my college days. It was he who made it possible for me to get introduced to the world of literature. He is a living example of a real "Guru". He possesses a multifaceted personality. He is Nirad C. Chaudhary in his belief, Eliot in his choice of criticism and R.K. Narayan in his simplicity.Nonetheless, he often talks about the 'English sensibility' of G. B. Shaw. I have tried to imbibe many of his qualities and for that I have really worked hard in my life. I am not saying that I have tried to copy him, it is the unconscious adaptation of life-style of a role model that is what I am talking about.

Thakurji teaches English Literature in Deoghar College, Jharkhand. I never could figure out his specialization in English literature. He enjoys teaching new courses every year. He has taught us prose, poetry, novel, drama, criticism and even the Indian writing in English. I don't think anyone can add anything else in the course of Literature besides what I mentioned just now.

I came to him as a student at an I.A. level (i.e. Intermediate of Arts). I was under his guidance till my English Hons. This covers the span of five years' time. I feel proud of boasting that he is my "Guru" and whatever I am today, it is primarily because of him. He enkindled the interest in me both by his teaching and his way/approach of life. I decided to be teacher because I wanted to become like him. I don't know if my wish gets fulfilled, but one thing is sure that he will always be the source of inspiration in my life.