I have taught 'Introduction to Morphology' to the Undergraduates in SLL&CS, JNU for at least two semesters as a Research Scholar  at Centre of Linguistics & English, JNU. I had the  first and basic exposure to the field from Prof. Anvita Abbi at JNU. I did an advance paper, 'Linguistic Morphology' in the Department of Linguistics, University of Texas, Austin, USA. I had wonderful time with Prof. A.C. Woodbury at UTexas, Austin who taught us the course. He would make us read E.Nida, Sapir, Bloomfield etc. page by page and there would be at least two assignments due at the end of every week. I could still visualize him, repeating his famous line ".... talk to each word of your assignment, each word has got something to tell you".

However, the actual training and learning took place when I started teaching 'Morphology' in the Department of Linguistics, Delhi University during my stay there from 2000 to 2013. The Handouts, put on the left hand side, are actually the class notes that I prepared to teach the classes. Some of them are the summery of the discussion that took place in some individual classes.

PS: Don't quote anything from these slides in any research paper as these handouts may have copy-right materials. However, one can use these slides for pedagogical purposes.