Every time I write the reason for teaching a new course in the Department (at DU), it reminds me of the instance under which Rana Pratap Singh crowned Bhama Shah as the savior of Mewar. It might be a bit of exaggeration, but Bhama's help to Rana Pratap in supporting his men for 12 years seems very co-incidental to my being in the Department for that many years. Anyway, if I recall, I taught L-8: Language and Mind in 2008 when Prof. Sharma went to Korea first time. It has been four years now and his next trip to Korea again brought a situation for the Department and almost left not option for me but to save the situation. 

I extended my help and came forward to teach the course prioritizing the need of  the students. I also volunteered because I thought that the crisis would be over in a month or so. I am grateful to our two PhD students (Ruchi and Benu) who kindly agreed to help me in managing the classes.

The write-ups (hand-outs) by no means claim any expertise in the area, but boast of giving more than required knowledge in the area. It was a sheer joy to read Kess, J.F. (1992) in preparing the slides and also other materials available online. I have always discussed the issues of ‘lexicon’ and its structure in L-4: Morphology class all these years. But talking about ‘lexicon’ in ‘Language and mind’ class has always been enriching experience. Aitchison (2012) and Aitchison (2007) have always helped immensely in preparing, understand and teaching the sections of class in L-8.

The students must find a mention at the end because they have always been very supportive and patient with someone who is not an expert in the area. They have still been very attentive and inquisitive and made the class very conducive to learning. I would like to salute them for their patience and trust in me. I want to assure them again that I am there primarily because they are there, else what is role of a teacher in any institution anyway….Thank you all !! 

All errors (whichever you spot here) are mine and no writer or researcher should be hold responsible for them. I will be more than glad to change, update and rectify the problems if you send them through mails. Thank you all.