The teaching and learning process by offering the course 'Historical and Comparative Linguistics' has always amused me in my career. Despite not being an expert in the area, I taught the course in DU in a dire situation and am teaching this in JNU to help the students so that they are not deprived of the required knowledge of this sub-discipline of linguistics.

There are obvious challenges and difficulties in teaching this course, but with the newly equipped infrastructural facilities in the classrooms, these difficulties can be minimized to a great extent. For example, with the .ppt and projector facilities in classrooms, we don't have to worry about spending or wasting the class-time to write down the examples of different languages to prove the point during the discussion of a topic in Historical linguistics.

I did make my point clear to the students in the first class itself that I would require the participation and cooperation of my students to make the teaching and learning environment healthier. I also laid down the rule that a total five absents in the semester will be inadmissible to me for giving the credit for the course. JNU is my alma-mater and I just love to be a learner-cum-teacher in this great institution, and I guess my students won't disappoint me.