Introduction to Transformational Generative Grammar

When I joined the Department, Prof. K.V. Subbarao used to teach the course titled L-5: Introduction to Transformational Generative Grammar. I was asked by the faculty in staff council meeting to assist him by taking some tutorial classes for the course. It was an opportunity for me to revise the basic syntax course that I had done with Prof. Rappaport in UT, Austin. I was in the process of putting this web-page and I came across the work on TG Grammar by Prof. C.T. James Huang., from Harvard and I found it very useful. I wrote to him and asked for his permission if I could give a link of his web-material on my personal web-site and he has been very kind to allow me to do this. His writing is not only simple and clear but it is full of examples and my students really enjoyed the elaborate explanation of everything that Prof. Huang has done in his writings.

Please click at the link given below to go to Prof. Huang's personal site.